Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Crushin Hard

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Been busy learning to build over the past month. Every chance I get I'm on my land hammering away. I love creating something from feeds my soul. Anyway, I realized I hadn't been shopping in ages, which for me is a wicked crime so I put down my tool belt and got back out in to the fashion sims of SL. I tp'd in to a store called Crush that I had never been in before. They had some smokin hot outfits on the walls, one of which snagged my attention away from the rest. I love this dress, the way it accentuates the curves of my shape, the lines and angles that are simply perfect. Naturally I wanted to blog it. I also made a point to landmark Crush which I rarely do because lm's bog down my inventory but I definitely want to keep an eye out for future new releases from this place. Take my advice and go check it out. I guarantee you’ll dig the designs.