Thursday, March 29, 2012

Past, Present, Future

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I came across an old photo this afternoon of my Grandmother and my mom in an old diner. The date on the back was 1960. My Grandmother passed away last May on the day before my birthday. I miss her so much. She had the greatest laugh but more importantly her outlook on life was always one of simplistic pleasures and making sure she enjoyed every minute of each day no matter how seemingly dull or tedious it seemed at the time.

As I looked at the picture closely, I studied her face. The mischievous grin I knew oh so well, which usually meant she was just waiting for the right moment to crack a silly joke...or worse....pull a fast one on you, leaving everyone within earshot rumbling with laughter. I closed my eyes and began to giggle as I thought back to one particular summer I had gone to visit her when I was much younger. I was fourteen and bored to bits. Hanging out with Granny for a couple of weeks wasn't my idea of a "cool" vacation, at least not one I would dare tell my friends about when I got back home.

I remembered one hot afternoon she had requested I help her with the laundry. So there we were emptying the hampers and sorting...whites, colors, denim and delicates when she asked me to grab the decorative towels from the bathroom rack. I returned a moment later to see her standing there quiet as can be staring at me through the nylon stocking she had stretched over her head. Her expression was as serious as a heart attack. I FELL OUT! To this day I have never laughed harder or longer than I did at that moment. I swear to God as I type this I am laughing my ass off and crying at the same time.

There will never be another woman like my Grandmother.

Dress: B&T Designs "Office Babe"

Shape: Bodacious Body Works "Morgan"

Skin: AlVulo "Emy"

Hair: Truth "Gianna"

Boots: N-Core "Euphoria"

Necklace: Pepper

Bracelets: Mandala "Reiki"