Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Route 13 Biker Sims~Hellraizer, Devil's Tail and Hells Ridge

A friend of mine invited me to check out three biker sims he helped build today and being a lover of all things biker related I jumped at the chance to have a look. Hellraizer, Devil's Tail and Hell's Ridge are the creations of Creep Wolff, Vinny LeShelle, Howie Parkin and Tito Koray. Three visually stunning sims complete with miles of open road for bike riding, campfires and fire pits to gather around with friends, a lovely park with a touching monument in memory of an old friend, and lots of gorgeous scenery making it a photographer's dream.

 The main attraction though is a smokin, hot new club called "Dead End". (Click the pic above for the full size) This place is massive. It's got more than enough space for drinkin, dancin and raisin virtual hell. There's even a huge stage that I'm told will be used for live music events. My hat's off to Creep, Vinny, Howie and Tito for these brilliant additions to the SL grid but reading this can't compare to experiencing them yourself so use the links above and go check em out. To hell with gettin your kicks. Blaze a trail on over and leave your skid marks on Route 13.