Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer in SL~

I was out grid hopping a few days ago and came across the most incredibly beautiful sim. I think what blew my mind most of all was that it was just sitting there empty. This place is truly breathtaking. I spent hours exploring it and appreciating the wonderfully creative mind that brought it to virtual life but in all of the time I spent there, not once did I see another avatar pop in to check it out. I love exploring SL sometimes with friends but most times on my own scouting for exciting new builds to take photos in. After a while I began to love that fact that no one came. It was like having my own little fantasy island. Needless to say I  took advantage. I dug a cute little summer bikini out of the back of my SL closet....(my monstrous inventory) and went to work. The pic above is the one of the many results and if you wanna see it bigger, just give it a click. Now...I usually share when I find a place I really like but for now....I think imma keep this little gem a secret.