Friday, February 1, 2013

Belleza Best Buys!

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Belleza has a new monthly event called "Belleza Best Buys".  The first weekend of every month they will release exclusive skins at the discounted price of 400L which will be good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This weekend has three really gorgeous versions of the new "Ava" skin. I'm wearing one of the three above but you should really high tail it over to the store to see them. They come in four different tones from pale to tan. I'm wearing the tan above but I've also got a skin burner on because I'm partial to darker skins. Trust me when I say if you haven't tried the new "Ava" skin, you simply must. Tricky Boucher is an award winning skin designer and in my personal opinion one of the best in Second Life. He's is a true artist.
Shape: Bodacious Body Works  Samantha
Hair: Truth
Jewelry: Earthstones