Monday, July 9, 2012

Beauty is only skin deep

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I've spent all weekend cleaning out my inventory. Been deleting things I've had since I rezzed back in 07. I'm currently down to just over 86,000 items but my goal is to get it down to 50,000 so I've still got some major weeding out to do. One area I can't seem to delete anything from is my skins folder. I love going back and looking at how some of the best selling skin designers in SL have evolved. It's really quite amazing. 

The skin above is Lara Hurley's newest creation Elsa. I bought my first Lara skin, Vanessa, July 2nd of 2009 and I still have it. Can't bring myself to delete it. Seems like I wore it forever. These days, my skin changes with my moods. Can be weekly, daily....a few times it's been hourly and I'm always looking for really beautiful skins. Guess you could say I'm a collector. I'd hate to think of exactly how much of my inventory is skin but in Lara's folder alone I have 27 fat packs and that doesn't include the group gifts, hunt items or singles I've purchased over the past 3 years. Last time I counted I had about 60 different skin designer folders altogether. After five years on the grid, I've collected some of the most beautiful skins. So more than likely I'll make the cuts elsewhere.


Shape: My own

Hair:  Elikatira

Top: Sn@tch

Necklace: The Golden Fleece