Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mesh you fools! MESH!

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One of my favorite hair designers has some gorgeous new hair out this week. One of which I'm wearing. Now I'm NOT a fan of mesh. The whole non-editing gig...not for me. I hate having to modify my personal shape to fit anything mesh. However, that being said, All of the mesh hair Truth has made since mesh hit the grid has fit my avatar's head like a glove with no editing necessary. So it's the exception to my non mesh existence in SL. Anyway, this particular style is one I really dig so I thought I'd share with the masses. If you haven't been to Truth Hair recently, hit it. You won't be sorry.


Shape: Bodacious Body Works  Anne

Skin: Belleza  Chloe

Hair: Truth  Tashia 

Top: Luck Inc

Jeans: Cynful

Bracelets: Mandala

Tat: Aitui