Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Innocent Suffer

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Ok, I'm sorry people but I'm a little sidetracked today about a story I read in the news this morning about a man who forgot his toddler was in the car with him. He drove on to work forgetting to drop the child off at daycare and left him baking in the car for two hours before co-workers noticed him and called 911. This child was lucky and survived, others have not been. Near the end of the article it was stated that there is now a free app called "Baby Reminder" that notifies parents when they're driving with their child in the car.
Seriously?? Who are these people? I have to ask....have we as a society become so self preoccupied that we need an app to remind us that our children are in the car with us? What's so terrifying is that these "incidents" are becoming so common. Every summer when the temps start to soar you hear of innocent children who have lost their lives because their caregivers just forgot all about them. I'm sorry, but IMHO, if you need an app to remind you about your kid. They should not be in your care.
People, if you have children...WAKE TF UP!! Get off the computer, put down your phone, stop face booking, tweeting, blogging, untangle yourself from work...whatever the hell you're so wrapped up in doing and give them the attention and care they deserve.


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