Monday, June 25, 2012


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A friend of mine was telling me how sexy chicks look in guys white shirts. You know the cliche scene....big night on the town, both dressed to the nines, little to much to drink, a night of wild passion ensues and in the morning he awakens to see her wearing nothing but his over sized white dress shirt. Yeah drips with cheese but it did get me to thinking that I didn't own a white button down at all...not one. So I went in search of one. Didn't take me long to find this very cool, crisp white shirt at Leverocci. Oh and by the way, they're having a great sale as well so I picked it up for next to nothing and that alone is worth a lil cheese.


Shape: Bodacious Body Works Samantha

Skin: My Dear Skins Jessica

Hair: Truth Tanya

Earrings: Zaara

Bracelets: Mandala